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A good year.....

Well its the time of the year for reflection and I think we can reflect on a good year for the Film Club. We showed nine great films to 225 people and made a little bit of money for the Arts Centre. The club has been running now for 3 years (can you believe it?) and this is the most people we've had through our doors since we began. Last year we showed nine films to 203 people.


It's funny though, in 2012 we showed 5 British films, a thriller, 2 comedies and 2 dramas. These were interspersed with an Australian a French and a American film. All of which we think were new to our audiences and all, in their own way, were slightly out of the ordinary.  But by far the most popular, we had 38 people to see this one, was the 1947 black and white classic "Miracle on 34th Street". Perhaps it was the free mince pies!


But what has been really nice this year is the increasing feeling that the club has developed into a little gem of a club of interested and interesting people who enjoy a good film and a bit of a chat.


My highlight of the year was the screening of  "A Lonely Place to Die", that was the British thriller set in the highlands, a part of the country that I know well (and went to school in). It starred a young actress Melissa George (remember Home and Away) who was to be seen on the Beeb in "Hunted" and written and directed by an brilliant new director Julian Gilbey. But it was not the excellence of the acting or the deft direction that grabbed my attention. It was just marvellous to see 34 people jump out of their skins, partly because of the films twists and turns, but mainly because of the best sound and projection system available anywhere close to Ware. It was worth every penny of the money we spent just to see that.


But it seems that your favourite film was much more gentle and less shocking but quite exciting in its own way.  Now not everyone has enjoyed every film, that's true, but by the same token there have been lots of people who have enjoyed all the films and that has been good. So I for one am looking forward to next year and seeing what other good films are out there. There might even be something that makes even better use of the media centre's possibilities.


So thanks to every one who came last year and we hope to see you a lot more next year.